From left: Youth Rally in Halifax and the North Mountain Rally against spraying and clear-cutting Nova Scotia.

Stop Clearcutting Now

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Moose blockade Digby, Nova Scotia

A shot across the bow: Gov't offices occupied across Nova Scotia as Jacob Fillmore ends hunger strike
KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) - After 23 days Jacob Fillmore ends his hunger strike in support of a temporary clearcutting moratorium on Nova Scotia Crown lands. Across the province there were six rallies plus 11 sit-ins (in the Premier's office as well as 10 Lands and Forestry offices). Four people, including Jacob, were arrested.
March 30, 2021 - NS Advocate

Moose blockade Digby, Nova Scotia

Mug-up at the Moose Country Blockade, New France, Digby County - October 21 - December 15, 2020 when nine defenders were arrested. One year later, all charges were defeated.
Hosted by Extinction Rebellion Nova Scotia.
The 2021 - 2022 Canp-out Action at the Last Hope Wildlife Connector

Taking Action in Nova Scotia - we Love the Forests and all dwellers therein!

Moose Country Blockade

November 29, 2020 - 67 Nova Scotians showed up to support the Moose Country Blockade.
They spread out along the logging road being blocked near the Caribou River. They came from all over the Western region to stand with us in demanding that our government suspend the approvals the Department of Lands and Forestry has handed out for clearcutting moose country.

Please remember, the loggers are doing their job. The culprit is the Province of Nova Scotia for not implementing the Lahey Report and for the Minister of Lands and Forestry for not responding to a formal request to meet with a representative of the Moose Country Blockade about aggressive logging in a region where the Mainland Moose is critically endangered due, mostly to, loss of habitat.

Aside from contributing to the erosion of biodiversity and a healthy ecosytem, clearcuts in this region impacts hunters, trappers, paddlers, ATVers and more. It affects us all. Shots from the air thanks to pilot Ken Pothier; co-pilot Verna Wirth and photographer Sue Hutchins.
For more - including updates, arrests & charges and camping out on Grand Parade, Halifax, visit Extinction Rebellion NS Facebook group

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