June 19, 2022
In recognition of DAY 200
Extinction Rebellion Nova Scotia Forest Defender's Last Hope Wildlife Corridor Camp.

Who is WestFor?
WestFor is the parent corporation for a consortium of 12 mills (including Northern Pulp). Created by Stephen McNeil's government in 2016, WestFor Management Inc. allows the forest industry to manage itself — AND crown (public) lands in western Nova Scotia.

WestFor vigorously self-promotes on its website, in the media and social media as down-home, small-town defenders of the 'Rural Nova Scotia way of life.' But in fact, WestFor is a very big business with connections in New Brunswick, Québec, British Columbia, the U.S., and Indonesia.

Why, in 2022, does Tory Rushton, the Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables abdicate his responsibilities and hand over the fate of the Last Hope Corridor Forest (and so many more crown lands) to WestFor?

Note, this series is being / was posted on social media, most of the information for it came from websites by WestFor and its mills.

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