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I moved to Nova Scotia in November 2020 to enjoy the natural beauty of the province. The ocean's playground was calling.

I left my job of 13+ years as a graphic designer and production manager with WHA Publications; a weekly independent newspaper, an annual bridal publication, a quarterly business magazine and an annual tourism guide - all in addition to a long list of community publications and projects. Saying goodbye to the 401 pace of Ontario to restore an 1860's farmhouse and wake up every morning to look out at the Strait of Canso.

Little did I know jobs would prove hard to find in my area, remote work is limited and so while scouring the internet for work I found another calling - I offered my services to design for digital platforms for this group. This would be something new as I came from the world of print. For nine months I created 100s of posts for the cause which introduced me to other groups and causes trying to stop the assault on the "ocean's playground."

I now feel like I have morphed into an activist of sorts - creating graphic posts that hopefully grab someone's attention as they scroll through social media and educate them on the crisis at hand. There are too many.

Save Owls Head Provincial Park introduced me to politics, wonderful people who are dedicated to change the world - if only their small part of it, and the comradery between these groups helps to propel each message through a network of amazing people.

Until a full time job arrives, I will dedicate time and effort to the duty that lies nearest. Nova Scotia needs our protection.

"Helen Michel has a talent for intuitive graphic design that goes beyond font selection and layout choices. She has a gift for understanding the heart of a campaign. Her stylist choices effective4ly capture the viewer's attention and help to tell a story.

"Helen created a range of attractive logos, social media graphics, ads, signs and merchandise that helped to propel our environmental movement with a cohesive, polished look. Working collaboratively with Helen was a pleasure and I highly recommend her services."
Lindsay Lee

. . . And Many thanks to Helen for her eco-action branding!
Jodie Turner

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June 14, 2022
Congratulations all who persevered . . . from Michael Gorman's breaking news on CBC + Sydnee Lynn's "Wait a minute!" on facebook and beyond to meetings + committees + website + signs + graphic art + emails + articles + press releases + ad campaigns + petitions + heartache + photography + political cartoons + heartbreak + sleepless nights + science + inspiration + education + grit + vision . . . with special mention of Helen Michel, once she signed on her expertise gave the cause a most professional, recognizable And inspiring brand . . . and all for this grand, Mission Accomplished moment.
With Gratitude! Jodie Turner

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